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Nobody wants to age; and many of us will do anything to prevent it. One of the most common ways to do this is by getting Botox. In fact, it is the most widely used non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Most people receive Botox every 3-4 months. But, what if I told you that anyone could get fewer injections and prolong its effects by keeping the muscles plump and active while also preventing and correcting loss of the convexities. When the muscle is immobilized by getting Botox, even temporarily, it will use less energy and have a tendency to atrophy, or wear down. Atrophy can have a significant impact on your skin—which is where electric facials come in. Over time, neurotoxins can cause the face to lose fullness, and in turn can make one look older. For that reason, we recommend our microcurrent treatment as a noninvasive companion to neurotoxin injections to diminish any loss in muscle tone. When you receive microcurrent treatments regularly, you don’t need perfect genes. If done correctly, microcurrent can significantly increase the production of collagen and elastin which tends to degrade with age. On a muscular level, the microcurrent acts like a personal trainer to tone and shorten muscle fibers by stimulating them through mild electrical currents. On a dermal level, there is serious anti-aging action going on, as the skin will firm while your muscles tone. Microcurrent can treat several skin conditions, such as reducing the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles while also improving the overall muscle tone of the face. Microcurrent treatments can also improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. When using products for the skin in tandem with microcurrent, it allows the product to work itself deeper into the skin, significantly improving their effectiveness. To obtain the best results, schedule a series of microcurrent treatments after your Botox injections.After any injectables, wait at least 1-2 weeks, depending on your doctor’s recommendation before receiving any treatment. A microcurrent series consists of 6 treatments, given once a week. This intense treatment series jump-starts the skin and gives dramatic results while holding the Botox in place. Following this series, maintain these results with monthly facials. Do a series at least two times a year to maximize results.

 In conjunction to the series, use Serum Collagen Natif to plump and lift skin. This serum has instant toning effects by repairing the barrier functions and hydrating the epidermis. This serum even tightens the pores, allowing the skin to look even younger. Combined with microcurrent, this serum will keep your skin youthful.

Serum A-Glyca is magic in a bottle. This serum counteracts glycation, the process in which sugar breaks down collagen. A-Glyca shields your skin’s proteins while firming the skin, reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines. This serum will bring new life to your skin.

Serum Amniotique E. is hydrating and anti-aging. This product is a great addition to your routine as winter rolls around, bringing cold and dry air. With intense hydrating properties, it repairs and regenerates the skin. This serum also soothes the skin so it’s a perfect match for those with sensitive skin.

 Another amazing serum to add to your routine is Serum Elastine Marine. Whether you already struggle with aging or you’re wanting to prevent its onset, this product is for you. It improves elasticity and prevents new wrinkles from forming. Use this serum around the eyes and mouth, where fine lines tend to form. When it comes to Botox, go with the current and try adding our remodeling microcurrent to your treatment to get the most out of it. May your sweaters be warm and your skin be lifted. Stay tuned for some Halloween fun next week with more Toska Tips! 

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