Don’t Sweat It

Working out is great for your body, but not so great for your skin if you don’t properly take care of it afterwards. Skipping skincare after exercising creates an environment for sweat and bacteria leading to breakouts. Always pop a travel bag with these travel-sized Biologique Recherche products to keep you blemish free. We understand you don’t have time to do a 10 step routine after the gym; however, adding in this few steps can make sure your skin is in as good as shape as you are. 

To start off, reach for Lait VIP O2 to gently remove impurities, sweat and dirt from your skin. This cleansing milk allows your skin to breathe, perfect for after a gym session. This product will also calm any redness and unify your complexion. 

ALWAYS  follow up with a Lotion P50. After a sweaty workout, you need to properly exfoliate, purify and re-balance the pH of the skin. If possible, use Lotion P50V 1970. This version is packed with vitamins and contains an antiseptic that makes sure your skin stays clear. 

L’ Eauxygénante is a must have for my gym lovers. This oxygenating mist restores freshness and moisture in your skin. You can use this mist throughout the day to replenish the skin. It will awaken your skin while giving your skin a glow and diminishing blemishes. Finish up with your favorite moisturizer and continue with your day!

In the evenings, add in these two products to ensure crystal clear skin. Serum Dermopore is a pore tightening serum that we talked about in our last blog. This serum will help unclog pores and balances sebum production. Use on evenings you workout or add it into your everyday skincare.

Masque VIP O2 is packed with endless benefits. This masque contains white clay to help purify the skin and lighten any discoloration from scarring. Sweating can cause redness; this product calms and soothes the redness, unifying your complexion. The oxygen properties give your skin a brightened glow. Use this masque 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes for best results.

So if you’re worried about breaking out from working out, don’t sweat it; we have you covered! Be sure to stop in or order your travel bag to be your new gym buddy and we’ll see you next week for Toska Tips.

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