It’s All About Balance! Masque Special

As the beach days and vacations slowly come to an end this month, you may be doing a few things to transition towards the fall season. Maybe you have kids going back to school, or perhaps it’s something small, like getting yourself a pumpkin spice latte. Regardless of what you do, you do need to take your skin into consideration. The transition of seasons means your regimen needs to make some adjustments in order to keep your skin looking great in this shifting climate. Here are some Biologique Recherche masks to help you say farewell to summer, and hello to fall.

Some say it smells awful, others say it smells like chocolate. And, for some reason, dogs love it. You’ve probably heard of Masque Vivant by now, but in case you haven’t, it’s an acidic mask that makes use of yeast extracts to give you a deep cleanse that leaves your skin soft and exfoliated. This mask is perfect if you need to get rid of congestion, acne, and oiliness, or if you just need to re-balance your complexion.

Another mask in the Biologique Recherche line is Masque Biomagic, which derives its oil and acne fighting properties from white clay. Biomagic is great both as a full face mask to tighten your pores and energize your skin, or to spot treat pimples and prevent them from becoming worse. This mask is ideal if you have oily skin, or if used to spot treat combination skin.

When the dry, cold air of fall inevitably comes in, you’ll need something to keep your skin hydrated. Creme Masque Vernix uses the ideal mix of proteins, fats, and antioxidant peptides to do the job, leaving your skin soft, soothed, and hydrated. This mask is suited for dryer and sensitive skin instances, as it will help repair your lipid barrier, allowing your skin to stay protected and lock in moisture.

While the days become shorter and the air gets colder, don’t forget to give your skin some help during this time of transition. Products suited for your complexion in the summer may not work as the climate changes, so take a look at your regimen and make changes as needed to keep your skin healthy.

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