L'elixir des Glaciers

L’Elixir des Glaciers constitutes the very essence of Valmont’s expertise. The ultimate concentrate. It is a unique, luxurious alliance of rare and noble ingredients derived from Switzerland’s pure and natural resources: glacial spring water concentrated to a 20% level, extracts from Swiss plants harvested in Valmont’s own Phyto-Alpine garden, Triple RNA and DNA in concentrations heretofore unseen in cosmetics.

In 2017, with Essence of Bees, Elixir des Glaciers signed a collection paying homage to bees, flora, science, craftsmanship and luxury … Made in Switzerland. The unprecedented richness of the formula and the special attention given to its preparation make Elixir des Glaciers the most precious of rituals dedicated to skin care, with long-lasting anti-age results.

La Maison Valmont exposes this jewel of beauty in a specially dedicated space … and offers an exclusive treatment to women who seek perfection. An invitation to discover the jewel of haute cosmetics and to enjoy the best of Swiss luxury and beauty care.

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