Valmont Holidays in Neverland Advent Calendar


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This Holiday Season’s exclusive Advent Calendar features anti-aging cellular cosmetics by Valmont & L’Elixir des Glaciers and captivating couture perfumes by Storie Veneziane.

12 gifts in one to delight the senses and celebrate your skin, the Valmont Advent calendar includes:
  1. A versatile cream mask for a true WOW effect :  Prime Renewing Pack 50 ml
  2. Re-mineralizing and illuminating essence :  Fluide Merveilleux Votre Visage 10 ml
  3. Supreme treatment for a youthful gaze :  Vos Yeux 5 ml
  4. Iconic energizing and re-balancing tonic :  Vital Falls 30 ml
  5. Revitalizing exfoliating cream :  Face Exfoliant 5ml
  6. Instant gaze perfecting patch :  Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask
  7. Moisturizing and re-plumping super-serum :  Moisturizing Booster 4 ml
  8. Immediate oxygen infusion mask :  DetO2x Pack 10 ml
  9. Velvety refreshing cream :  Moisturizing with A Cream 5 ml
  10. Moisturizing and energizing cream :  Prime 24 Hour Cream 5 ml
  11. A floraldehyde musk of timeless radiance :  Just Bloom 8.5 ml
  12. A brazenly sparkling floral gourmand :  Jazzy Twist 8.5 ml


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