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What Is a Spa Facial: The Complete Guide to Your Next Treatment Session

Let’s face it: trying out a new skincare treatment can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. A spa facial, in particular, may seem daunting if you’ve never had one before. To help you understand the process and make you feel more confident and relaxed during your first time, we’ve put together this guide. From what a spa facial is and what it entails to its benefits, we’ll break down everything you need to know about taking care of your skin the right way!

What Is a Spa Facial Exactly?

A spa facial is a luxurious skincare treatment that involves a series of steps specially tailored to your skin type and concerns. From cleansing and exfoliation to facial massage and mask application, spa facials can help improve your skin’s tone and texture. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines, clear up acne and blemishes, increase circulation, and more. In short, it’s the ultimate treat for your skin.

But before you book for a spa facial, It’s important to make sure that the spa you choose is reputable and that its treatments are administered by licensed estheticians. Estheticians are pros who have undergone extensive training of 300 to 1500 hours and have passed both practical and written exams overseen by their respective states. At Toska Spa, for example, facial treatments are performed only by highly trained and experienced estheticians, so you can rest assured that your skin is in good hands.

What Happens During a Facial

What is a spa facial and what does it entail? The details of a facial may vary from spa to spa, but generally, here’s what to expect from a facial:

1. Consultation

During the consultation stage of a spa facial, the esthetician will ask you questions about your skin type, concerns, and skincare routine. This is an important step as it helps the esthetician figure out which products and techniques are best suited for your specific needs. The esthetician may also examine your skin and recommend other treatments or products that can help address any issues you may have. 


This consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions and share your goals so that you can get the most out of your spa facial experience. By working collaboratively with your esthetician, you can enjoy a customized treatment that addresses your unique concerns.

2. Preparation

The preparation stage of a spa facial is all about getting you in a relaxed state of mind. Some spas offer calming music and a comfortable robe to change into, while others may even provide a foot bath and aromatherapy with a shoulder massage to help you fully unwind. 

3. Cleansing

Your skincare expert will start by applying a gentle cleanser to your skin, massaging it onto your face and neck to gently remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and impurities. Then, using tepid water and a soft cotton pad, they’ll rinse away the cleanser, leaving your skin free of any residue.

4. Exfoliation

Your esthetician may use an exfoliating product to buff away dead skin cells. This process is designed to reveal newer, healthier skin and create a smoother complexion overall. After your esthetician has applied and worked the exfoliator into your skin, they will wash it off, revealing a fresh, radiant glow. This step can also aid in the absorption of serums and moisturizers that come later.

5. Extractions

If you have any blackheads or whiteheads, your esthetician will remove them using special or medical-grade tools. However, if estheticians come across anything too deep, they should recommend you see a dermatologist. They should also avoid touching acne that isn’t ready to be popped.

During the extraction process, you may experience slight discomfort, but under the hands of a gentle esthetician, it should not be painful. Once a blemish has been properly extracted, it may appear red initially, but it will start healing more quickly and look less inflamed.

6. Advanced Modalities

One of the most important aspects of your spa experience is the technical phase. Depending on your skincare needs and goals, your esthetician may prescribe a course of various advanced modalities to “lift”, “tighten”, and “clarify” the skin. Some of these modalities may include high frequency and galvanic micro-current, ultrasound, cryo-therapy, oxygen infusion and even LED light therapy.

7. Massage

As the spa facial draws to a close, it’s time for one of the best parts: the massage! Most facials include a soothing massage of the face and upper body to improve lymphatic drainage, release tension, and promote relaxation. By the end of the massage, you’ll be left feeling renewed and rejuvenated inside and out.

8. Finishing touches

The final touches of your spa facial treatment may differ from spa to spa. Some estheticians may use a cold towel to help close your pores, while others may offer additional soothing facial masks to further nourish your skin. Regardless of the final touches, you should leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and glowing!

Choosing a Spa for Your Facial

Choosing the right spa for your facial is a crucial decision—after all, you only have one face. Pay attention to the types of facials offered, their skincare products, and what makes them unique. It’s also important to consider the qualifications of the estheticians and their experience levels. 

At Toska Spa, we believe that healthy and beautiful skin is the key to feeling confident and rejuvenated. That’s why our customized skincare plans, treatments, and products are carefully curated so we can transform your skin’s health and appearance. 

Our unique facial bar concept also allows you to choose from a variety of flexible service options that fit your budget, without compromising on quality or results. 

Whether you’re looking to address specific skin concerns or simply indulge in a luxurious spa experience, we’ve got you covered. So schedule a consultation today and discover how we can tailor our services to meet your needs and give you the ultimate facial experience.


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