Body Treatments

Healthy skin isn’t just for the face. Our body also needs nourishment and care to remain healthy and protect us from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature.

Exfoliating and Hydrating

  • Our signature body treatment exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it sufficiently protected against harsh climate conditions. Your skin is left feeling refined, radiant, and soft.Enjoy the epitome of luxury with our Exfoliating and Hydrating experience. This exclusive signature body treatment is carefully crafted to lavish your skin with unparalleled care and attention. Our curated body products will help to provide a shield against the harshest climate conditions while expertly exfoliating.

Sculpting with Lymphatic Drainage

  • Indulge in the art of sculpting your body with our exclusive Lymphatic Drainage sculpting experience. This opulent body treatment is meticulously designed to enhance circulation through the gentle yet powerful technique of lymphatic drainage. Immerse yourself as our skilled esthetician utilizes the best firming products. Leaving you feeling light, with a radiant complexion and improving the overall tone of the skin.

Brighten with LED Light Treatment

  • Elevate your post-sunshine glow with this tailored body treatment. Experience the perfect combination of exfoliation and LED technology, resulting in a radiant complexion. Embrace the transformative effects of this exquisite treatment, where sun-kissed skin meets rejuvenation.

Tone and Lift with Microcurrent

  • The toning and tightening body treatment has a specialized focus on restoring skin elasticity, complemented by the remarkable power of microcurrent technology. Targeting those areas prone to loss of firmness, revitalizing your skin with a newfound radiance. Discover the transformative effects of this treatment, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, toned, and lifted.

Body Treatment Add ONS

Don’t forget to complete your experience with one of our exclusive add on treatments:


Décolleté Treatment     175

Exfoliating Hand Treatment   120

Eye Treatment     120

Custom Back Treatment   245


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