Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments are results-driven, precise and performed only by highly trained and experienced estheticians. We only have one face, so having a personalized facial is one of the most sensible ways to take care of it. A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promotes a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger. Our customized treatments are designed to deliver intense results, producing a fundamental improvement in the health and appearance of your skin while providing you with a smooth, youthful, radiant appearance. Please see the menu below of our exclusive facial treatments available only at Toska’s European Spa:


Deep Cleansing

$ 295
  • Clear and refine your skin with a blend of products chosen by our experts based on your individual skin type. This treatment will exfoliate the skin, clear clogged pores, and stimulate cellular renewal.


$ 325
  • A combination of microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy brings life to dull, stressed complexions. This treatment is ideal for devitalized skin.
Woman gets a mask facial treatment at a spa


$ 325
  • This treatment addresses the specific skin problems brought on by pregnancy. All products and techniques applied in this treatment are safe to use while pregnant or nursing.


$ 325
  • Designed specifically for men, this treatment addresses various skin concerns with a deep cleanse, pore refining, and a boost of hydration.

Skin Instant® Lab

Skin Instant® Lab is a skin analysis system designed to take an in-depth snapshot of your skin and monitor changes over time. This allows our estheticians to use cutting edge technology combined with expert visual diagnosis to customize a skincare plan for you and adjust it as your skincare needs change.

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Toska Spa Treatments

Remodeling with Deep Cleanse

$ 375
  • One of our personal favorites, this purifying treatment is the ideal facial for acne-prone skin. It accelerates the healing of imperfections and tightens the pores for a balanced complexion.

Remodeling w/Deep Cleanse & Manual Lift

$ 425
  • This treatment has all the purifying and exfoliating benefits of Remodeling with Deep Cleanse further enhanced with the addition of Manual Lift. Suitable for all skin instants, this treatment helps improve elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Supreme Remodeling

$ 525
  • The ultimate facial for toning your skin and achieving radiant complexion. This treatment combines Remodeling Face to sculpt, a fruit acid peel to exfoliate, and a booster based on your skin’s needs. The result is a firm and brightened complexion

Advanced Treatments

Treatments that go beyond customized facials and complement your skin care regimen with advanced technology and hand-curated products.


$ 525
  • Building on the state-of-the-art ProSkin Facial, Supreme Oxylight adds Oxygen Therapy in the form of a pure oxygen infusion spray, Negative Pressure Lymphatic Drainage, as well as full spectrum LED to provide the ultimate combination of treatments for optimal non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

Pro Skin

$ 425
  • This innovative treatment uses state-of-the-art technology that rejuvenates the skin without any discomfort or recovery time. The revolutionary technology offers Diamond Photoabrasion, Light Therapy, Myo-Light (Microcurrent) Therapy, and Biosonix Ultrasound for a full suite of procedures to address all your skin concerns.


$ 625
  • An enhanced version of Oxylight, this treatment adds Negative Ion Therapy and Radio Frequency, for immediate and accumulative results. Ionix is highly targeted to increase cellular activity and stimulate collagen production, dramatically reducing lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne scars.

MPL Face

$ 325
  • The Micro-Puncture Lab (MPL) treatment method is based on the skin’s ability to regenerate itself when stimulated. The production of collagen and elastin are increased, which boost the skin’s elasticity. The end result is a refined complexion, with fine lines smoothed out and less visible imperfections, such as scarring.
  • +neck $425
  • +decollete $525

Toska Spa Exclusive Treatments

Developed and refined by Toska, these exclusive treatments combine the very best of cutting-edge technology and results-driven products with time-tested techniques to achieve a healthy, vibrant glow.


$ 625
  • This is the perfect treatment for a fabulous, photo-ready complexion. A mild peel and a custom blend of quintessential serums combined with Remodeling Face® will deliver instant firmness and radiance so you’ll look your absolute best for any occasion!


$ 725
  • This age-defying treatment is tailored to your needs and is designed to boost cellular metabolism. Included in this treatment is a deep cleanse and exfoliation to refine the pores, followed by a manual lifting and application of a customized selection of serums and masques. The treatment is completed with the use of microcurrent technology to deeply hydrate, lift, and re-sculpt the face.


$ 825
  • This first-class treatment combines the powerful, targeted effects of Ionix Light and further boosts them with Remodeling Face®. The appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and scarring are reduced.


$ 995
  • The best of the best! This five-star treatment includes the targeted effects of Ionix Light and Remodeling Face® with added brightening and lifting treatments. The appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and scarring are reduced, leaving you with the unmistakable Toska Glow!

Enhance your facial treatment with...

Add Ons

$ 40 to 295
  • Dynamic Peel $65
  • Microderm $65
  • LED Light Therapy $65
  • Electric Microcurrent $65
  • Oxygen $65
  • MPL (full face) $295
  • MPL (one area) $175
  • Patchs Defatigants $40

Not sure what is right for you?


Our remote analysis of your skin condition and skincare routine involves our experienced estheticians assessing your current skin health and the effectiveness of your current regimen from a distance. Through detailed discussions about your skincare goals and concerns, we’ll provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve your desired results.


* The best results are achieved with a treatment series combined with a customized at-home regimen of products.
Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the appropriate products and routine to maintain your skin between treatments.
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