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Apply a small amount of your P50 on a flat cotton pad and gently pat over face, neck and decollete, beginning with the decollete and working up toward the face. For the first two weeks of use, you may choose to dampen the cotton pad with water before applying the P50 to dilute it.

Depending on your skin’s needs, you may layer several serums as prescribed by your BR skin expert.

Please see the following informational video on how to correctly open the pull-tab cap of your serum bottle:


Our staff is always ready to offer consultation and product recommendations to our customers. Please begin by choosing one of our online consultations, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Our highly trained staff will use the information you provide to recommend an appropriate skincare regimen and product selection specific to your needs. You may be contacted by our staff if we require additional information. *Please note that we may only offer consultation to our customers in the U.S. If you live outside the U.S., please contact an authorized Biologique Recherche center in your country.

We recommend masking anywhere from 2-4 times a week, depending on your skin’s needs.

The P in P50 stands for “peel,” as it gently exfoliates your skin, so there is no need for additional harsh peels.

The 50 represents 50 days, or two epidermal cycles, for your skin to re-balance.

Everyone has a different Skin Instant®. Your personal Skin Instant® constantly and dramatically evolves within a single day and over a lifetime. The artificial categorization of skin as normal, dry, or oily provides a needlessly simplified definition of a skin’s condition and only gives a stationary image of any epidermal imbalances. The same epidermis can present balanced, dehydrated zones and hyper-secretion of sebum all at the same time. Inappropriate treatment can easily lead to new imbalances or reactive old ones. For example, an over-aggressive product for ‘oily’ skin can cause epidermal dehydration problems, while an over-rich product used on formally congested, now apparently balanced skin can trigger a recurrence of the earlier condition. Lastly, external factors like climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, and pollution, and internal factors like stress, hormones, general health, digestion, and age also affect the skin.


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Yes, however we kindly request that you receive a consultation from our expert staff prior to purchasing our products. Biologique Recherche products are only available through authorized partners who are licensed experts with extensive knowledge and training on Biologique Recherche products, treatments, and methods. As a Biologique Recherche Certified Expert Center, we are dedicated to ensure your desired selection of products is tailored to and appropriate for YOUR skin.

We do not recommend using any other exfoliants while using P50 (i.e scrubs, exfoliating cleansers). These products have a tendency to strip the skin of its natural, protective oils. P50 gently balances the pH of the skin while nourishing it and keeping it hydrated and plump.

All Biologique Recherche products are made in their own factory in Suresnes, France.

Biologique Recherche products are manufactured in accordance with stringent European Union standards and regulations to meet EU and FDA requirements.

Yes. Unlike current FDA regulations, EU law requires pre-market safety assessments of cosmetics, mandatory registration of cosmetic products, government authorization for the use of nanomaterials and prohibits animal testing for cosmetic purposes. The Safety Assessment process involves:

  • Ingredient characterization through relevant physico-chemical data, purity and profile of impurities and chemical structure of constituent ingredients comprising a product.
  • Assessment of all relevant toxicological hazard information. Data on closely related structural analogues and structure–activity modeling data may be considered.
  • Considerations concerning the stability of ingredients and product formulation as well as their microbiological status.
  • Exposure assessment includes understanding how the product is used: the amount, frequency, and duration of intended use; and target users.
  • Calculation of safety or exposure margins (as appropriate), using the relevant dose metric for the endpoint considered
  • Post Market Surveillance to support continued product safety

ALL skincare products are regulated by the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and can be classified as a “drug,” a “cosmetic,” or both. The FDA does not officially recognize some commonly used marketing terms such as “Medical Grade” or “Cosmeceuticals”. Labeling requirements for skincare products are regulated through an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

No, Biologique Recherche is against animal testing in all its forms. All of the formulations, ingredients and products are cruelty free. Biologique Recherche is compliant with all current EU cosmetics directives, including those that prohibit finished cosmetic products from being tested on animals.

The Cosmetic Directive 76 / 768 / EEC 93 / 35 / EEC, 7th amendment (September 11th, 2004), and the new European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 led to the ban animal testings for cosmetic purposes.

Biologique Recherche is committed not to use raw materials coming from protected or endangered species. We can ensure that we follow the highest standards of safety, hygiene and traceability.

Biologique Recherche does not use any controversial ingredients to act as preservatives; none of the products contain paraben or silicone.

Absolutely. We’ll provide you with instructions and product recommendations as part of your online consultation. You may also find a basic set of instructions here.

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No. All payments will be processed using PayPal services. However, you do not need to have an account. 

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