Complexe Iribiol rebalancing serum

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Discover skin perfection with Serum Complexe Iribiol. This rebalancing serum targets and treats troubled skin, combating blemishes and regulating sebum production for a matte finish. Nourishing and rejuvenating, it restores your skin’s radiance and clarity, minimizing pores and evening skin tone.

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Experience skin transformation with Complexe Iribiol rebalancing serum. This powerful formula targets and balances troubled skin, effectively combatting blemishes and imperfections. Infused with potent ingredients, it regulates sebum production, reducing oiliness for a matte finish. Nourishing and rejuvenating, it restores your skin’s natural radiance and clarity. Embrace a renewed complexion as it minimizes pores and evens skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, Serum Complexe Iribiol elevates your skincare routine to new heights, leaving you with a revitalized and confident appearance. Unlock the secret to flawless skin and bid farewell to skin woes. Embrace your beauty with Serum Complexe Iribiol rebalancing serum today!


0.3 oz., 1.0 oz.




25 reviews for Complexe Iribiol rebalancing serum

  1. Aquiles Oraa (verified owner)

    Besides helping with acne it evens out my skin tone.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not drying but keeps my hormonal break outs under control plus helps them heal faster

  3. Ellen Joy A (verified owner)

    Hands down, this is the most effective serum for my hormonal breakouts. I never want to be without it!

  4. Amy (verified owner)

    Love the way it clears up blemishes discreetly & no marks.

  5. Emily (verified owner)

    This product has helped, in conjunction with P50 1970, to clear up the hormonal acne, blackheads, and clogged no pores I used to get on my chin and forehead. It has helped refine my skin texture without causing drying or redness like a retinol. Highly recommend it if you have oily, congested skin and/or dialated pores.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had a random cluster of acne on my neck that I have been trying to get rid of for more than a year. Within a couple weeks this serum cleared it right up! I like using this as a spot treatment on active acne and on areas where I tend to breakout as prevention.

  7. Theresa V. (verified owner)

    Essential summer product for those pesky clogged pores. As always, Toska has unbelievable shipping and customer service. Life is so unpredictable right now, but I know I can always can’t on my BR deliveries from Toska 😉 (haha). This serum is one of the more affordable products in the line and is a great introduction to their extensive offering of serums especially if you are suffering from breakouts.

  8. Jessica O. (verified owner)

    Best “spot” treatment I’ve ever tried!

  9. Erinn Hauck (verified owner)

    Takes consistent use of product, but good option for spot treatment when implemented regularly. Definitely worth having for breakouts as needed!

  10. Natalia Zaguzina (verified owner)

    Great product! Thank you for generous samples as well !

  11. Emily J. (verified owner)

    I occasionally have cystic acne, I used iribiol as a spot treatment and the acne did not come to the skin and dissolved over a few days.

  12. Hannah L. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed and came so fast!

  13. Daiana (verified owner)

    I like this product , definitely helps with pimples, breakout . I think all biologique recherche products together giving you amazing result in the couple weeks .

  14. Malisa (verified owner)

    This product has changed my skin so much in just a few months of using it!

  15. Toni Blasingame (verified owner)

    I love this serum! It’s great for spot treatments!

  16. Mary (verified owner)

    Too soon to tell how this performs, I just started using. Still seeing some breakouts but they are disappearing much faster after forming.

  17. Meleah (verified owner)

    Complexe Iribiol has been a another go to and must product that I always keep on hand for my breakouts. It’s a light serum that when used reduces the time of my breakout.

  18. danielle traylor (verified owner)

    great for breakouts!

  19. Catherine Ava K. (verified owner)

    Love this product! Easy to apply and a little goes a long way. This plus Masque Vivant has made a small difference so far in oil production but I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks!

  20. Catherine Kopiec (verified owner)

    Loving this so much so far! Helps so much with taming breakouts.

  21. Sara T. (verified owner)

    Complexe Iribiol serum is my holy grail along with Creme Dermopurifiante! I love that it’s always packaged well & delivers so quickly with Toska Spa.

  22. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    My go to serum that I use daily. Helps so much with breakouts! Heals then quickly.

  23. Chelsea L. (verified owner)

    LOVE this product! Helps my stubborn hormonal acne; it is my Holy Grail product for sure.

  24. Abigail (verified owner)

    Favorite serum! Will never be without this stuff.

  25. colleen (verified owner)

    The best serum!! Shipped super quick.

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  • Excellent spot-treatment for active acne.
  • Recommended for skin imperfections and/or combination and seborrheic skin.
  • Balances and purifies the skin.

How To Use

Direction for use : apply ½ cc of Complexe Iribiol on clean skin over the whole face, neck, and cleavage in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed.  Focus on the T-zone where sebecious glands are generally more concentrated.

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