Skincare Mistakes That Are Seriously Damaging Your Skin

Skincare Mistakes That Are Seriously Damaging Your Skin

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It can be tough finding out what’s best for your skin, even with the most extensive research. After all, when it comes to skincare, it seems like some things should logically work, like avoiding moisturizing if your skin is already oily- except the opposite is somehow true! We all have our misconceptions about skin, some more harmful than others. Here’s some common skincare mistakes and what you should actually be doing about them!

Blackheads on your nose?

When you take a look at your nose, you may spot some flat, dark colored dots around it. You might think they’re blackheads and attempt to get them out either with a peel off mask or extracting them with your fingers, but you’re actually damaging your skin and inviting bacteria into your pores! These dark spots are called sebaceous filaments and are a a normal part of your skin. They keep your skin hydrated and may become more visible as you age, but they do not indicate any sort of skin issues. Extracting them causes the skin in the area to become dry and it leaves the pore open for bacteria, which can cause acne and irritation.

If you don’t like how your sebaceous filaments look, there are ways to make them less visible that don’t damage your skin. Serum Dermopore is a great product for shrinking your pores and preventing blackheads/whiteheads from forming, taking care of all those problems without the need for a damaging peel.

If it’s burning, it means it’s working?

A slight tingling sensation after applying acidic products to acne is normal, but as soon as it starts to hurt, you need to stop. Acne is a form of inflammation and should be treated as such, meaning that you should avoid any additional irritation to your skin. Keep your skin moisturized and protected… and put down that electric cleansing brush and sugar scrub, they’re far too harsh for the delicate skin on your face.

To help your skin heal from the irritation and inflammation caused by acne, be sure to apply Creme ISO-Placenta to it. This product is formulated specifically to heal acne and reduce the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Where has your phone been?

Our cellphones have become a part of our daily lives, going wherever we go and getting set on so many different surfaces. Think about all the restaurant tables, gym floors, and countertops it has rested on… and then you hold it to your face (or touch your face after handling it!).

Phones are, generally speaking, quite filthy, so be sure to clean them once in a while with a damp cloth and soap. Acetone (nail polish remover) also works well- just soak some on a damp cloth.

Of course, cleansing your skin is also important, especially given how you can’t constantly sanitize your phone. Definitive Enzyme Cleanser, an effective, yet gentle cleanser that exfoliates and purifies the skin, is sure to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh, no matter where your phone has been!

Toska’s Pro Tip

Most clients end up skipping out on a finishing serum when getting the rest of their products. It may seem like a large investment upfront, especially if you’re not exactly sure what it does. However, nothing takes your skin from looking good to amazing like a finishing serum can.

Serum Yall~O2, one of my personal favorites, has so many benefits to help your skin glow. It’s rich in Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant botanical extracts which help to plump and hydrate the skin. There are many other finishing serums for all skin types, so there’s certainly one that fits in your regimen.

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